Sunday, April 17, 2011

****MIchEAl HawKIns Isa TotALLy SiiiiIIIkkkk!!!ox**

Hoofkake would love to announce on the 29th of this very month (April) Micheal Hawkins talented T shirt wizard is having an event @ hoofkake to launch his all new Comic book!!!

If you havnt already been in the shoppe and swooned over the rad tye dyed mystics that are his shirts then you really have to come and reveal your eyes to the magic! hahaa!

Here are some exclusive pix from Micheal!

SEEE you AT the PAAARTTTAYYEEEEEE babe!for more details please tune into!/hoofkake

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Things.....!! For You!!!

Hi thurrrr!!!!!! We have some AMAZING new t shirts from HAWKINS!! He dyes and designs these incredible shirts....and they can be yours for merely $45!!

We have also made some new things...........

I designed this fabric then made leggings out of it!! only one pair EXIST!!!!! there are more off original lycra!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!

come and visit, we won't be around forever....the lease is about to expire and they r gonna bulldoze the building!!!

open saturday and sunday 12 til 6

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some fierce items for sale......!!!!

Yello babes!!
We have ALOT of amazing vintage are some cheeky snaps of a few of our faves!! Come in and see for yaself!! Also from Dec 11th there will be a TRUCKLOAD of new and fierce trinkets and trash from Japan in the shop!!!! YAY!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hoofkake have teamed up with Disco Beans and Gooey on the inside to present the extreme and psychedelic fabric wizards of Osaka Japan, ODD SISTER who will be on tour starting next week!! Odd sister specialize in eye popping wearables and massive out of this planet art installations which to me seem so out there I think they must be more than human!
They will be in Melbourne for only 6 DAYS !! They will be showcasing their talents at 2 major events that cannot be missed !

@ discobeans upstairs
238 high st, northcote
6pm Thursday 25th November

@ bar 303
303 high st
9.30pm til LATE Friday 26th November
with live bands and bangin DJs !

Also just to make the fashion event MORE EXCITING we are proud to announce that Melbourne's funkiest and fashion foward team of designers The Social Studio will also be showcasing a range of their hottest and most desirable clothes, which have all be designed by the young and talented refugee community. They also use and remix recycled materials and excess fabrics from manufacturing companies, which makes their work all the more original and unique!!!

PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINKS!! They will take you straight to the websites and give you a cheeky look at what's to come!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


HI! We are determined that 2011 will be more organised and dreamy than 2010!! That's right, we've busted our balls once more and have put together a cheeky 2011 calendar!!! Here's a sneakpeak of what 2011 is guna look like! We only have 9 left soy if you wanna order one email us: or like call us! All art by Emily Hasselhoof & Kake   

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Magic and.....

We've been working bring you magic. Not Whyte Whytch Fiona Horne style majik, like cinnamon candles and garden made talismans.....but REAL majik like wylde nu printed shirts, hot bows and cheeky jumpsuits.

Whateva, just come and LOOK!!

Opening hours:
Friday from 1 til 6
Saturday from 12 til 6
Sunday from 12 til 6

New printed shirts and new playsuits
New knickers with a cheeky nu print!
Just havin' a laugh in some hot lil shirts!
It ain't easy bein' cheesy. Or is it?
Would ya look at that. u could be this fierce too!
Vintage leather, could be yours.....!
WTF new bag by Rachel Willett!!
Anyone who has been to Tokyo will know these handmade purses by Rachel Willett are truly Spankworthy.
Hot new models, a present from a LOVELY customer!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

Monday, August 23, 2010

Yello, welcome to our blog!

Hi bebes! We FINALLY made our blog. Sheesh kabobs, who woulda thunk it would take so long. But it's worth the wait, innit. Anyway, I'm putting up some snaps now.....! Spread the good word, and come visit us! We LOVE visitors so much we'll make you a cuppa. xoxox kake
Emilio in the shop

Hoofkake soft logo
sweet designs
Some of the poster pack images
Poster packs...4 artists, 9 A3 posters...only 50 clams!!!
our pretty shop!!
Psychic pyramid in the exhibition...
The Beijing Doodle exhibition! Prints available for purchase!
Bows and necklaces, so dreamy!
Hot mannequin sporting cheeky HK attire
More artworks
Lauren Pitt's incredibubble sculpture!
Come n get it!! xoxo