Monday, August 23, 2010

Yello, welcome to our blog!

Hi bebes! We FINALLY made our blog. Sheesh kabobs, who woulda thunk it would take so long. But it's worth the wait, innit. Anyway, I'm putting up some snaps now.....! Spread the good word, and come visit us! We LOVE visitors so much we'll make you a cuppa. xoxox kake
Emilio in the shop

Hoofkake soft logo
sweet designs
Some of the poster pack images
Poster packs...4 artists, 9 A3 posters...only 50 clams!!!
our pretty shop!!
Psychic pyramid in the exhibition...
The Beijing Doodle exhibition! Prints available for purchase!
Bows and necklaces, so dreamy!
Hot mannequin sporting cheeky HK attire
More artworks
Lauren Pitt's incredibubble sculpture!
Come n get it!! xoxo


  1. wooooo!
    I wasnt able to come visit yet and buy goodies as i had to buy bens birthingday prezzie but i will be able to next pay.. I cant wait!! saving up to go to america at the end of the year so have had to be rather frugal.. need hoofkake clothes!

  2. omg this is so dreammy!!! i wish i lived in melb!!!!!